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"A Day Gone By"

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"A Day Gone By"

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Cold and damp,
sadness broadened
staggers flow
trenches low

Lost in Translation,
Not knowing which way to go,
Feelings wander to and fro,
With no direction or sense

Your insides cringe,
Your eyes bloodshot,
But numb as can be,
Cuz pain does not defy

Patience is lost,
Cares thrown away,
head hanging low,
Just no damn place 2 go

Wander here and there,
but low and behold,
a heart jumps a beat,
the sun starts 2 shine

Head held high,
bounce in step,
smile growing,
darkness disappears

one step two,
two sets in one
a hand is lifted
and spirits soar

a warm embrace,
a gentle touch,
pain dies,
all worries lost

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